BARCELONA BUSINESS is an organization of professionals and academics created in 1992 to support responsible management and company management. Innovation and adaptation to the changing needs of the business ecosystem have been our main objective.

The definition of a strategic plan and an optimal human resources management, will enable the implementation of sustainable growth strategies.

The motivation of employees and their involvement in the company project, are key to the business success settings.

We place ourselves alongside the people responsible for managing and directing companies, in order to collaborate in day to day work, offering solutions in the decisions made.

We support the management, creating sustainable growth strategies and setting short and long term goals, that will go through the planning and control of all areas of the company, always taking into account optimal management of its financial and human resources.

We perform “Controller” tasks from the implementation of the Scorecard, also known as “Balanced Scorecard”, as the main tool for measurement and control of strategic objectives, which different areas indicators are incorporated.

Financial Management

  • Organization of the financial department
  • Cash Management
  • Supervision and control of accounting operations
  • Design and control of the analytical accounting or cost
  • Preparation and follow-up of budgets
  • Control of productivities by areas of business
  • Relationship with financial institutions and banking strategy
  • Supervision and control of the fiscal operations
  • Elaboration of the administrative and economic documentation necessary for access to public competitions, application of permissions, licensing or acquisition of certificates (rated company, quality certificates, registration of bidders, …), as well as official statistics
  • Periodic analysis of indicators

Purchasing Management

  • Optimization of purchase price
  • Analysis of technical and economic deviations
  • Control of warehouse and management charts
  • Order's supervision
  • Negotiation of rappels and conditions of payment

Commercial and Marketing

Commercial Area

Marketing Area

  • Organization of the commercial Department
  • Supervision and control of commercial equipment
  • Training of the sales team
  • Regular production of indicators of sales
  • Results follow-up and implementation of corrective actions
  • Market studies
  • Segmentation and selection of the "target group"
  • Establish the strategy of positioning
  • Elaboration of the sales plan
  • Set product policies, price, communication and distribution

Human Resource Management

  • Planning staff requirements
  • Processes of recruitment and selection
  • Definition of training activities
  • Policy of retribution
  • Value of job position
  • Performance evaluation
  • Definition of career plans
  • Supervision and control of administrative staff management